Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs range from rebuilding a collapsing chimney to replacing the chimney’s crown. Our team is experienced in diagnosing chimney problems, repointing mortar joints, and replacing damaged bricks with attention to every single detail. Learn More.

 Masonry Repair and Repointing 

Masonry repair or repointing jobs include brick walls, brick patios, or brick walkways. From cutting out and replacing the mortar at every joint, to removing every damaged brick and replacing it back with a great match, we restore it all with high standards. Learn More.

New Masonry Work

We specialize in creating custom masonry works such as walkways, brick stoops, patios, fireplace profiles, chimneys, and more. We combine the ideas of our potential clients with our experience and expertise to create results that are a step above our competition . We make sure our work surpasses our expectations focusing on aesthetics and quality. Every great project or design starts with an even greater story, let our team guide you throughout the layout, designs, and material choices. Learn More.

Historic Masonry Restoration

Randal’s Masonry Restoration has had the honor of working in historic homes and iconic historic landmarks in the Northern Virginia area for over 15 years. Experienced masons understand the special requirements for work on historic buildings and the added time and expense they require. Our masonry crew must be willing and able to perform the work in conformance with the specifications, even when the specifications may not be in conformance with standard practice. At the same time, the masons should not hesitate to question the specifications if it appears that the work specified would damage the building. Learn More.

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