Chimney restoration in Falls Church, Va

Antonio C.
Falls Church, VA
June 11, 2008

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to inform you of the excellent work Randal (Randy) Rowsie did for me recently.  I had several bricks of the lower angular part of my chimney that were partly disintegrated.  This disintegration was probably caused by water entering into the brick, freezing and breaking it up.

There are several things I found remarkable about Randy. One is his innovativeness.  After he came to see what needed to be done, he called that evening to propose an idea. The chances of finding a matching brick were slim so his proposal was to work with the existing bricks.  Through his thorough knowledge of bricks he suggested using the bottom side of the damaged bricks and also slicing bricks laterally to generate two sides with the same face.  After explaining it, I found his idea quite inventive.

When he came back to do the work, he and his co-worker labored for several hours just taking down the top layer of bricks.  They did excellent clean up work, leaving the place spotless.  And then the repair work followed. The man is an artist in what he does.  His work is precise and meticulously done.  His rates are also very reasonable.

I am pleased with the work Randy did and have mentioned this to other members of my town home community.  I hope this letter of endorsement helps recognize the fine work that Randy does.  He is innovative, an artist in brick work and conscientious about leaving a job site clean.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me.


Antonio C.