Recommendation from Annandale, Va

August 31, 2014
Randal’s Masonry Restoration
6075 River Forest Dr.
Manassas, VA  20112
Attn:  Randal Rowsie


I am sending this letter of recommendation in appreciation of the excellent work Randal’s Masonry Restoration has done on our chimney.  Our house in Annandale was built in the early sixties.  The chimney had been “repaired” several times, with some broken bricks replaced and re-caulking of the flashing etc.

Your name was provided to me by an estimator from a roofing company who said that his company had worked with Randal’s Masonry on several projects and that your work was excellent.  I had two chimney companies come out and provide estimates, but I wasn’t too impressed.  What I really wanted was a restoration, not just more patch work.  Also, when I visited the Randal’s Masonry website I saw that one of the example chimneys was very similar to ours with gave me more confidence that Randal’s could do the job.

The work that you proposed included replacement of all bad bricks, but out and replace all mortar from the roofline up, re-surface the crown with Portland cement, repair the flashing.  Importantly, the bricks and mortar would match the existing brick work.

When it came time to do the work, every day, Randal’s Masonry crew arrived early, started on time, worked throughout the day and before leaving cleaned up the site for the next day’s work.

The results of Randal’s Masonry’s work on our chimney are excellent.  All the bricks and mortar now match the rest of the house and the crown has a fresh coat of cement.  The chimney looks as it should.  It’s not a mishmash of odd bricks and poor mortar repairs anymore, it looks great!

In closing, I’d like to again thank you and your crew for all your hard work.  I am very pleased with the results.


Marc S.
Annandale, VA  22003