Falls Church Chimney Letter

Falls Church, VA  22012

June 8, 2007

Memorandum for Randal’s Masonry


My wife and I wanted to again express our appreciation for the great work you did in rebuilding the main chimney of our house.  The workmanship was superb and we are also appreciative of the extra care you took to keep the entire process clean and in good order.  You went out of your way to find a brick supplier who could closely match the uncommon brick color of our house.  I know that you made special trips to suppliers throughout the Washington area to finally find the right source.

Your masonry skills are absolutely first class.  You also clearly listen to what your customer wants and are willing to put in the extra effort to deliver results beyond expectations.We were very fortunate to have you recommended to us.  We would be happy to pass on that recommendation to anyone needing quality masonry work.



Bob and Pam

[Contact information available upon request.]