Recommendation from Fairfax homeowner





March 6, 2000


Dear Randy,

Laura and I wanted to thank you for your fine work, friendly service and fair price for the chimney work that you were able to do for us. Your sense of craftsmanship, attention to detail and concern about doing the best job possible are qualities that are sometimes hard to find in people today.

We appreciate your discovery that our chimney was in greater disrepair than we at first realized and we felt that you were giving us an honest assessment of the situation rather than just trying to make more money. What truly impressed us was the extra time and effort you took to make sure that the job met your high standards of craftsmanship to the point of redoing the entire area that was in disrepair, rather than just resetting a few of the bricks as we originally thought was needed.

It is an unusual occurrence today to find someone like you who enjoys his work and takes a great deal of pride in what he does.  We would be more than happy to recommend your abilities and show your work to anyone who would like to hear about it at our address and phone number above  Thank you again for your fine job!                                            ·

Two more than satisfied customers,

Dan and Laura

[Contact information available upon request.]