Letter of recommendation from Alexandria, Va

Richard Y.
Alexandria, VA  22314

September 26, 2009

Subject:  Letter of Recommendation

To:  Whom it may concern

The front stoop of my townhouse was made of brick and was deteriorating through many years of freezing and thawing. Based on recommendations of several neighbors I contacted Randal Rowsie and asked him to reconstruct the brick stoop.  Mr. Rowsie agreed to the task, analyzed the project thoroughly and completed the entire effort in a reasonable amount of time at a fair price.  Producing an excellent stoop which drains well and is attractive in appearance.

Randal Rowsie is a highly skilled and professional contractor who produces superb work.  He is a perfectionist and is never satisfied until every aspect of a project is completed as well as it can be done.  I highly recommend Mr. Rowsie for any construction project in his field of expertise.  He produces superior results.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Y.

[Contact info available upon request.]