Recommendation Letter of Randal Rowzie, Mason

I’ve used numerous masons for various jobs in the 38 years I’ve lived in my home. Mr. Rowsie is the best I’ve ever used. He is an artisan who pays attention to both aesthetics and structural integrity.  He is reliable, comes when he says he will and does a thorough clean up when finished.

I’ve used him twice. The first time, a deep crack had developed in the brick steps leading to our front porch.  Earlier, I had contracted with another mason to repair the crack.  He did a purely cosmetic job and within a few months the crack reappeared and continued to grow. On the recommendation of a friend I called in Mr. Rowsie. He spent a fair amount of time inspecting the crack and the surrounding brick work. He told me that the crack was not superficial but was a result of an underlying structural problem. He proposed a way to fix it that was innovative and quite different from the previous masons. He carried out his fix and it was successful. Now, over two years later the crack still hasn’t come back.

The second job, just this summer, was to replace the 18 year old mortar joints in the brickwork of my front porch and the steps and walk leading to it. He came promptly and did a beautiful job.

Michael W.
September 11, 2009