Restored chimney in Arlington

Thomas and Marcy U.
Arlington, VA  22207

April 7, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to acknowledge our complete satisfaction with the work done by Randal’s Masonry Restoration.

Our 50 year old chimney needed quite a few bricks and the crown replaced. Before we had this work done, we saw several examples of poorly repaired chimneys, with brick and mortar that was badly installed. In some cases, the bricks did not match the originals, in others the fix was glaringly obvious. However, when Randy’s workmen were finished with our job, the bricks and mortar matched the originals perfectly and it all blends seamlessly into the rest of the chimney.

The workmen were professional, neat and courteous. They left the work site tidy at the end of the day and packed up everything at the end of the job. They did not leave any trash for us to deal with.

We highly recommend Randal’s Masonry.