From a McLean, Va homeowner

I am delighted to enthusiastically recommend Randal’s Masonry to anyone who values skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellent communication throughout the process of masonry restoration. Randal’s masonry employees take their cue from Randal’s conscientious approach to restoration work and customer relations.

In my case, for three restoration projects in winter and summer 2010 specifically my large chimney, carport wall and house facade. Randal and his employees took special pains to find the mortar formula that exactly matched that of the rest of the brick mortar of my 60 year old house. Regardless of adverse weather – be it winter blizzards or intense summer heat – they took the steps necessary to complete the job, taking care to keep me honestly informed at each step of the way. Best of all, the results are just beautiful.

I am a very satisfied customer.


Elaine H.
McLean, VA

[Contact information available upon request.]