Thank you letter from Woodbridge

Claire O.

Woodbridge, VA 22192


Six Penny Chimney & Masonry

6402 Gunwale Place

Woodbridge, VA 22192


March 3, 2000


To whom it may concern:

Randy Rowsie, brick mason, created a beautiful, as well as, sturdy brick patio at the front of our house.

This was completed despite several adverse circumstances, specifically the shortage of bricks, the irresponsibility of the cement company and the inclement weather as the work was done in the winter. He rose above all three of these incidents with integrity and creativity.

His concern was evident from the beginning when he came to our house to find out what I wanted done. He showed me pictures of work he had done and then sketched out what I wanted in three different ways dependent upon materials, which determined cost. He explained what he was doing and why at each step. As the work progressed he informed me, asking my approval, every time a change had to be made.

He is the kind of person that one cannot imagine ever allowing himself to do anything but his best effort.



Clair O.